Understanding HIV and How to Overcome the Problems


HIV is one of the most dangerous viruses that can cause death towards the people. It takes a toll to the youth generation due to the unhealthy lifestyle. When it comes to you to know the information that is related to the virus and other conditions, you can choose something that is good for you. HIV test is done for uncovering the virus. In this case, HIV is short of human immunodeficiency virus. From its name, you can see that it will attack your immune system and make it not able to fight the viruses and other diseases that might attack your body. In this case, if the virus attacks your body, it can lead to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome that will cause death.

Some Ugly Truths about HIV/AIDS

Due to its death toll, there are so many people who are interested in discussing this virus and disease. There are also some researches that are done for unveiling the mysteries of the diseases that will make the patients healthy again. But, what are the ugly truths about HIV/AIDS and how it affects people’s lives?

  1. HIV is a kind of virus which will attack your immune system. You will have intolerance when there is any virus enter your body and endangering your body system. Especially when the virus enters your body, you will get the worst infection. In this case, the HIV will cause damage in CD4 cells that will make it infected and make your body weakened. The result is you will get the infection for your whole life.
  2. When a patient takes an HIV test, they will also get the result whether the virus has been developed to be AIDS or not. In this case, you can consider some condition in which a patient is entering AIDS. It is the most severe condition, the worst part of HIV infection. However, the patient’s body will keep weakening and it will make the body experiences lots of severe illnesses.
  3. If a patient doesn’t get any treatment, the HIV virus will develop in various stages. The first stages are the acute HIV infection, then it can develop to be clinical latency and AIDS. The last phase takes toll more than people can imagine. It makes the patients feel pain in the most uncomfortable way.
  4. There are some signs that need to be considered when a patient is having HIV in their body. The first is about the pain. There is a very bothering pain in the abdomen area that will be painful and it only occurs when swallowing. The patients can also get some signs like a cough dry and weakness.
  5. The whole body will feel weak and the patient will lose appetite, which will make so many patients of HIV/AIDS report the condition of weakness during their first encounter with the disease. As they lose appetite, they will also lose weight drastically, making lots of people with AIDS to be skeleton-thin.
  6. Some patients with HIV/AIDS are also reporting some symptoms like skin rash and other itchy condition on the skin. It becomes red and there are plenty of patients that report uncomfortable feeling about the disease.
  7. The disease is not uncommon, as there are so many patients all over the world who suffer the disease. It is the result of an unhealthy But, the main reason why people get HIV is due to the sexual intercourse that is not protected. Getting to change many sexual partners will also worsen the condition.
  8. To diagnose the disease, a patient needs to get their blood checked in HIV test. It is important to do the test in some licensed laboratories so there will be a good, reliable result that will be the source of further and advanced treatment for the patients in the hospital or any other health service and facilities.
  9. People with the HIV can live quite long, but they will experience the painful life as there are lots of illness and failure in their body system. It means, they will not function as well as the normal people. The disease is incurable.

Due to the danger of this disease, there are so many nations that held the campaign of living healthy and doing the healthy, safe sexual intercourse. The healthy lifestyle and HIV test also campaign in nations all around the world.