Unveiling Fun Facts about Pilates


Having a good body posture with an ideal body weight is the dream of every person. Not only the women, so many men are also striving for having a good, lean body that is healthy and fit. To have a healthy body, choosing the right workout plan that is suitable for your lifestyle. When it comes to you to choose the workout, some people might recommend pilates that is known as a good workout to sculpt your body. But, what about losing weight? Can Pilates help you to efficiently shape your body to be better and healthier? There are some things you can unveil when it comes to you to choose the workout.

How to Get the Best Result of Pilates

Practicing pilates will make sure that your body will be healthier and more attractive. In some cases, you can also choose some things that will be good for your body, increasing the health and overall condition. But, it is not as effective as the cardio workout to lose weight. So, here are some fun facts about pilates that will be useful for you to know:

  1. Pilates is a low-impact workout that will not give extreme change towards your body. You will feel exhausted, yes, but it will not cut the fat and calories as good as the cardio workout plan. In some cases, you can also add more workout like the reformer workout to get more effect on your body shape.
  2. The main function of pilates is to tone up your body. It helps you to tone your muscles and thus you can get the best result as you can be stronger and more balanced. Pilates is also a good workout for you who want to have a lean body. It will never lie to you as you can shed the fat and get your muscles to be more toned and strong.
  3. As a toning workout, it burns about 178 calories in 30 minutes class. Meanwhile, in 50 minutes class reformer pilates, you can burn up to 254 calories. Let’s compare it to the calories you have to burn if you want to lose 1 pound of fat, you have to burn 3500 calories. It means you need to make sure that you should do something that will burn more calories than the pilates.
  4. To optimize the pilates, you can combine them with a cardio workout. It helps you to keep your body fat under control and you can also tone your body. Always remember that you need to choose the cardio workout that is fun, too. Running, walking, bicycling will be good to burn more fat on your body, keeping you healthy and fit.
  5. If the lean muscles is what you are looking for, then you need to also choose the foods that enter your body. Choose only the lean meat, proteins from vegetables and plants, and also drink enough water in a day. Don’t hesitate to eat the vegetables and get the healthy, complex carbohydrate as it helps you to feel full longer. Cut the sugar intake to have the best pilates result.

Pilates is a low impact workout which function is to tone your body, not to burn the calories and shed fats from it. It means you need to know how to combine more than one method to get the lean body you dream about. You can also get more classes in a week, increasing from 3 classes a week to 4 classes a week will make your body healthy and fit. So, this might be the solution for everyone who is longing for a healthy, lean body.